First Ukrainian Manufacturer of EVA-polymer sheets*

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When choosing the right material for your installation, EvaLine Tatami  mats  are the best solution for martial arts and functional training. They are resistant to power, easy to install and clean and  have required density avoid potential injuries.

Soft floor PARQUET made by EVA Line has an original design, perfect for children rooms, balconies and rooms with a strict or modern interior.

Today, car mats production is a growing market. We are the first and only producers of  this B2B product in Ukraine and we have already produced more than 500.000 sheets in 4 years. We provide best product quality, this our new partners can remain confident in us, as suppliers, giving them an option to put their energy only on sales and marketing.

EvaLine offers high-quality pads for animals with EVA, which provide warmth, comfort and cleanliness. This is an indispensable thing for keeping cattle and horses.

The soft flooring by Evaline floor from the EvaLine company is a great invention. This mean that it not only makes the design of the room, but also allows kids to play in comfort.

Our sheets are widely used in shoes manufacturing, giving shoes producers a chance to use it in outsoles, midsoles and insoles. We are flexible in technical characteristics if density and hardness, therefore  we  are ready to satisfy different wants and needs of our clients.


EvaLine is the first Ukrainian manufacturer of environmentally friendly polymer material (EVA) in Ukraine. Our company is a fully integrated manufacturer, which has a product range from plain sheets to finished products.

EVA is a foamed polymer that is 5 times lighter than rubber and 4 times lighter than PVC. Due to its good hygienic and heat-resistant characteristics , this type of polyolefin is used in medicine, sports, footwear industry, in the manufacture of children’s toys and various types of flooring.

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