When choosing the right material for your room, be sure to consider the modular EVA floor coverings for the field made by EvaLine. This innovative flooring meets all European standards of quality, and is produced using the latest developments and cutting-edge technologies.

EVA Line PARQUET soft floor has an original design suitable for both children’s rooms, balconies and rooms that have a strict or contemporary interior.

EvaLine offers its own sheets for the production of auto carpets made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). Today, this material is used in the production of sports and summer footwear, flooring for kids, toys, tatami for martial arts.

Burenka EVA mats are innovative flooring made by the domestic manufacturer – Eva-Line. EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is a foamed polymer that has good hygienic and shockabsorbing properties used in medicine, sports, footwear industry.

The modular EvaLine EVA floor is an excellent invention, which can not only make your child’s room safe, but also complement its development program. EvaLine soft floor for children’s playrooms is produced in the form of colorful, bright puzzles of different color and texture.

The sole is one of the key elements of the shoe - the foundation and platform for the feet, which comes into direct contact with the surface.


EvaLine is the first manufacturer of environmentally friendly polymer materials (EVA) in Ukraine. Our company is a fully integrated manufacturer whose products range from sheets to finished products so that we may produce a wide range of EVA products that are widely used in everyday life. EVA is a foamed polymer that is 5 times lighter than rubber and 4 times lighter than PVC. Due to its good hygienic and shockabsorbing properties, this type of polyolefin is used in medicine, sports, footwear industry, in the manufacture of children’s toys and various types of flooring.

◎ EvaLine is ready to provide a full range of manufacturing on a contractual basis (Private Label): from design and exclusive formulation to manufacturing and delivery of products to the customer’s warehouse.

◎ We look forward to new customers and mutually beneficial cooperation.

◎ You can get detailed information about the products and areas of application of the materials produced at the office of the company or by contacting our managers.

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