The polymeric material EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) has high noise insulation ratio. The normalized impact noise index is 26 dB. This product can be used as sound insulation not only of the floor, but also of the walls. Due to the EVA dense structure, the backing is impervious to either moisture or steam. Thus, no additional vapour barriers or waterproofing is needed for the floor.

The substrate performs the following functions

Shock absorption

All types of laminate backing eliminate minor irregularities of the floor to a varying degree.

Sound insulation

Due to the vesicular structure, even a 3 mm backing under the laminate is able to suppress sound vibrations that occur when walking (from cat’s paws to heel caps), falling objects on the floor.

Moisture insulation

Cellular moisture may evolve from the concrete (no matter how long you were drying the underlayment before laying the laminate, residual moisture always remains) that will damage the flooring panels.

Thermal insulation

Most types of material used for the manufacture of backing are effective insulators. Without a backing, the floor will be cold at any time of the year.