Do you transport fragile goods or metal structures? Do you need a solution for their safe transportation and safe storage? Then the EVA separating bar is exactly what you need. Due to the special properties of the material, our separating bar can be used not only for transportation by train or car, but also by plane or ship.

Minimum weight

Compared to a separating bar made of other materials, our bar weighs 3 - 7 times less. Thanks to this, you will be able to load a larger tonnage of the required products, which will significantly reduce transportation costs.

Environmental friendliness

The EVA separating bar is absolutely harmless, does not contain chemical impurities and harmful substances, and is hypoallergenic. This makes it possible to use for the organization of transportation of any cargo.

Resistant to moisture and temperature extremes

The material perfectly tolerates even sudden temperature changes and is not afraid of moisture. Thanks to these properties, even in very difficult transportation conditions, everything will be in perfect order with your cargo.


Our separating bar has excellent shock absorption. Due to its plasticity and elasticity, it perfectly absorbs impacts, reliably protecting your load or structure from damage.

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Separation bar from EVA Line

Our company brings to your attention a unique separating bar made of ethylene vinyl acetate. It will be the optimal solution for storage or transportation of metal structures and fragile goods. It is worth noting that due to the peculiarities of the material, our separation bar can be used to reliably protect cargo from damage or displacement during transportation by truck, train, ship or plane.

Features of the EVA separating bar

  • Environmental friendliness - the material from which such a bar is made is hypoallergenic and hygienic and does not emit odors, so it can be used to transport any cargo.
  • Excellent shock absorption - such a bar is distinguished by its firmness, elasticity and flexibility, it perfectly absorbs impacts and is able to return to its original appearance even after slight deformation.
  • Wear resistance - the separation bars presented by us are not afraid of moisture, direct sunlight, severe frosts, temperature extremes or chemicals.
  • Dielectric - the material does not conduct electrical current.

All these properties will allow you to organize optimal conditions for the transportation of any cargo.

Advantages of the EVA separation bar over analogues

  • It does not require quarantine - since such a bar does not include organic components, it can be used immediately after purchase.
  • Resistant to temperature extremes - such a bar can be safely used at temperatures from -40 ° C to + 80 ° C.
  • It is not afraid of moisture and does not absorb water.
  • It has a minimum weight - in comparison with analogues, such a bar weighs 3 - 7 times less, which is very important when organizing cargo transportation.
  • Physically resistant to increased loads - our timber does not break or crack, which means that the cargo will be reliably protected during the entire transportation.

In other words, by choosing our EVA separating bar, you can be sure that your cargo will be delivered without damage, regardless of the transportation conditions.

Main technical characteristics of our separating bar

  • Width - 16 cm.
  • Length - 149 cm.
  • Density - 350 kg / m3.
  • Hardness - 75 Shore A.

Call us and we will help you buy a high quality EVA separation bar at the best price and organize its delivery to any region of Ukraine.