The modular EvaLine EVA floor is an excellent invention, which can not only make your child’s room safe, but also complement its development program. EvaLine soft floor for children’s playrooms is produced in the form of colorful, bright puzzles of different color and texture. They may be used to make original drawings and compositions. Using soft modules, the enthusiastic parents collect cozy cottages for their kids, interesting big cubes, even portacots and toy boxes. If desired, one can change the drawing of the floor daily and create new fascinating activities for the kids, which will develop their thinking, fine motor skills, memory, logical thinking and physical activity.


EVA’s soft floowing for the children’s room has all the necessary certifications to confirm its absolute harmlessness to human health. Such a floor is odorless, eco-friendly and very pleasantly tactile.


EVA does not accumulate static charge even when walking and crawling along it, so this coating does not attract dust at all. EVA material protects children from various allergens.


The modular flooring has good thermal insulation, similar to the underfloor heating. Textured notches are applied to the elements of this children’s flooring to prevent slipping. The modern floor design damps all noises and perfectly cushions the fall, which is very important for small children.

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When choosing the right material for your room, be sure to pay attention to the modular EVA floor coverings for the field from the company EvaLine. EvaLine flooring is moisture resistant, easy to clean and wash.

Soft floor PARQUET manufactured by EVA Line has an original design, perfect for children's rooms, balconies and for rooms with a simple or modern interior.

EvaLine company offers its own sheets for the production of car carpets made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) material. These are the best car floor mats for winter and summer.

EvaLine company offers its own sheets for the production of car carpets made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) material.

The modular EVA floor from EvaLine is an excellent invention with which you can not only secure the child’s room, but also complement the program of its development.

The sole is one of the key elements of shoes - the foundation and platform for the feet, which comes into direct contact with the surface.