Safe bathing in ponds and pools is always relevant. Adults and children with great pleasure use special mattresses that help to stay on the water, swim safely and just relax. We bring to your attention light and bright EVA swimming mattresses. They will give you the opportunity to feel confident on the water and enjoy your vacation. At the same time, EVA bathing mattresses have a number of undeniable advantages.


Environmentally friendly EVA material is absolutely safe for adults and children. It is non-toxic, does not emit unpleasant odors and does not cause allergies, even with constant skin contact.


The EVA swim raft can be used both outdoors and in swimming pools or water parks. Thanks to its compact size, it is convenient to use it anytime, anywhere.

High wear resistance

EVA material is resistant to various kinds of damage and moisture, which means that even after several years of use, such rugs will be like new.

Diverse design

EvaLine offers a huge variety of models. On the pages of the catalog you can choose both a laconic rectangular mattress and bright rafts in the form of turtles, hippos and other animals.

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When choosing the right material for your installation, EvaLine Tatami  mats  are the best solution for martial arts and functional training. They are resistant to power, easy to install and clean and  have required density avoid potential injuries.

Soft floor PARQUET made by EVA Line has an original design, perfect for children rooms, balconies and rooms with a strict or modern interior.

Today, car mats production is a growing market. We are the first and only producers of  this B2B product in Ukraine and we have already produced more than 500.000 sheets in 4 years. We provide best product quality, this our new partners can remain confident in us, as suppliers, giving them an option to put their energy only on sales and marketing.

EvaLine offers high-quality pads for animals with EVA, which provide warmth, comfort and cleanliness. This is an indispensable thing for keeping cattle and horses.

The soft flooring by Evaline floor from the EvaLine company is a great invention. This mean that it not only makes the design of the room, but also allows kids to play in comfort.

Our sheets are widely used in shoes manufacturing, giving shoes producers a chance to use it in outsoles, midsoles and insoles. We are flexible in technical characteristics if density and hardness, therefore  we  are ready to satisfy different wants and needs of our clients.

EVA swimming mattresses - comfortable, practical and safe

Absolutely all adults and children cannot imagine their life without active recreation by the reservoirs. The sea, river, water park, swimming pool are always exciting and fun. True, when you are not confident on the water, you need special helpers. One of these helpers is just a bathing mattress.

Children's raft EVA photo

It should be noted that today there is a huge variety of swimming mattresses on the market. They can be made of PVC, vinyl or EVA material. The latter will become an indispensable accessory for those who cannot swim, are afraid of depth or are insecure on the water. What's more, the EVA float raft will be the best solution for kids. Feeling the support of this accessory, the child will not become nervous on the water. The mattress will invisibly support the baby, thanks to which he will feel completely safe, will be able to relax, and then it will be guaranteed to float on its own.

EVA Water Swimming Mat: Key Benefits

EVA swimming rafts are made from innovative material - ethylene vinyl acetate. The material is lightweight and environmentally friendly. It is pleasant to the touch and adheres perfectly to the surface of the water. Thanks to all these characteristics, such a children's raft or a large size mat for an adult will be the ideal choice for those who are just learning to swim or continue to improve their technique.

Swimming rafts eva photo

This accessory allows you to swim calmly, feel how the water holds your body and enjoy the process.

The main advantages of such rugs are:

  • versatility - the mattress can be used in the sea, on the river, in the pool, water park and any other bodies of water;
  • minimum weight - you can take it on any trip or hike, because such a raft weighs up to 3 kg;
  • environmentally friendly - due to the peculiarities of the material, such a mattress is resistant to bacteria, fungus or mold does not form on it;
  • has high wear resistance - even after several years of operation, such a raft for a pool will look like new;
  • comfortable ergonomic shape - all EVA rafts are made so that an adult or a child can swim as comfortably as possible, both in a calm pool and on the sea waves;
  • attractive design - such a beach mattress will attract attention, so you will not go unnoticed;
  • varied selection of colors.

All this makes EVA swimming mattresses an indispensable accessory for relaxing by the water or pool.

EvaLine - a huge selection of swimming mattress models

EvaLine is a Ukrainian leader in the production of EVA material, as well as various products from it. We also manufacture unique EVA swimming rafts.

We can offer our clients mattresses in the shape of octopuses, hippos, turtles of different colors and sizes. If you wish, you can also buy a simple rectangular mattress in the desired color, with or without perforation.

Eva pool raft photo

How to buy an EVA raft

On the pages of our catalog there is a huge assortment of EVA bathing mats. For the convenience of choosing, all models are presented with several photos, detailed descriptions and characteristics.

To place an order, you can use the electronic application form and make a purchase yourself or contact the managers of our store. Experienced consultants will answer all questions, help you make the right choice, explain the possible payment options and place an order.

We work throughout the territory of Ukraine, therefore, after agreeing on all the nuances, the EVA bathing mattress will be sent to the specified address within 24 hours.

Order an EVA swimming mattress, and your vacation on the water will be as comfortable and safe as possible.